Gourmet Select holiday tins

It's as Tradition!

Gourmet Select Holiday Popcorn and Snack Tins make the perfect gift for everyone this Holiday season. We put our all into each and every tin and go the extra mile to ensure our customers are getting the highest level of quality in our tin. It starts with our deep embossed tins which contains multiple levels of depth giving it a look that pops off the shelf. We then create custom holiday graphics within our in-house art department, wrapping our scenes 360 degrees around the tin. Our high quality tin material is then polished before being formed and the end result is unmatched and simply can not be duplicated. We then use the highest quality ingredients to create our irresistible popcorn/snacks and place them into bags for the ultimate in freshness and shelf life. We top each tin off by hand with a clear window lid which allows our customers to visualize what they are about to indulge in. A truly unique and handcrafted process that simply can't be replicated. Some customers tell us the best part of a Gourmet Select tin is the delicious popcorn, others tell us it's the after usage of the tin as storage. See below for just a few of the many after uses.


• Waste Basket               • Pet Food Storage               • Blocks               • Legos
• Ornaments                   • CDs and DVDs                   • Media               • Snacks
• Packaged Candy         • Dry Baking Foods              • Toys                  • Seasonings
• Baking Utensils          • Light Bulbs                          • Books               • Jewelry
• Scarpbooking              • Ink Cartridges                    • Receipts            • Crafts
• Sundries                       • Paint Brushes                     • Makeup             • Pens
• Fireplace Utensils      • Office Supplies                   • Pencils               • Shoes
• Gardening Tools        • Cords & Cables                   • Golf Balls           • Tools
• Screws                          • Accessories                         • Gloves                 • Nails

  • • Product in bags for maximum shelf life and freshness
  • • Embossing - multiple levels of depth which "Pops" off the shelf
  • • High resolution Graphics with 360 Degree seamless image wrap
  • • Better ingredients + quality popcorn = outstanding taste
  • • Upscale clear window lid allows consumer to visualize product
  • • Customizable fill options